dalYlak.com subscription

Be distinct and promote your business

  • Internationality (approximately 2.3 million working visit per month).
  • Hundreds of transactions per month.
  • The confidence of more than 10,000 customers.
  • Long experience in the terms of business (30 years).
  • Innovative expert team (Design - Marketing - Customer Service).

Free services with dalYlak.com subscription

Administration Panel for each customer: Allows the subscriber to send the required amendments on his page in dalylak.com for free twice for the annual subscription, and an unlimited number of amendments for company logos and contact information .

Quick News: subscriber can add important news and new events to be displayed in the scrolled tape on the main page of the dalylak.com site.

Subscription Features

  • Support showing up your company in web international search engines(keywords) like yahoo, google, MSN....
  • Direct link the most famous social networks worldwide (facebook, twitter, digg ....).
  • Languages (Arabic + English).
  • Contact information with a direct link to your website from your Subscription page, overview of the company, your products and services....and more.
  • One year subscription starting from the date of publication.
  • Free E-mail on dalylakmail.com.

For more information and details please contact us using the
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Websites Solutions

Web solutions provided by dalYlak.com is more than website on the World Wide Web, dalYlak.com provides:

  • convenient solutions for all website types
  • From simple websites and even the most complex web systems, we offer you a complete system for your needs.
  • Database applications depending on your website requirements.
  • E-commerce solutions for online payments.

We provide the following types of web solutions

  • Simple websites (HTML, not changeable by the website owner) Examples about this type of websites

Zein for medical supplies                Attaya trading                              Alqubaitri Trading        G.O.T oil services        Al Nour kamel women clothing
  • Customized web systems Examples about this type of websites

T.i.T Electronics                Made from scratch US           
                      Royal store orientals                Continental jet Services

Features of Products Management System (Proshop)

- Manage the products: special products, private & public products, homepage products... et
- Manage the products categories, main or sub categories (with the ability to add unlimited number of categories).
- Manage the products options.
- Manage your newsletter.
- Manage the website textual pages.
- Database backups.
                      mazaya gifts                Albashir biscuit                                      Ahad Store                Arabisk Orientals
E-mail promotion

The best and more effective marketing way enables you to view your activity for many groups or to specific range of customers that may interest your products or services.

Excellent way to view any new sale offers in an event or to infor customers about your news and latest activities of your business.

Service includes

  • Message design depending on your specifications
  • E-mail campaign addressed to more than 60.000 correct addresses for business men and interested.
Domain name & Web hosting

Reliability and security.

The highest international standards for Web hosting, especially related to reliability, with technical support via e-mail around the clock, phone and direct support through the website from time 10.00 am to 8.00 pm in Syria time

Wide variation of features come with the hosting control.

Domain name registration

  • Select the suitable domain name.
  • The ability to provide you with domain name suggestions based on your name and business name.
  • Trusted services, with annual renewal in a timely manners

For more information and details please contact us using the
linked page أو or you may contact us diretly via ourlive sales and support